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Happy Birthday Banner Using Photos

Happy Birthday Banner – use photographs from birth until the present to create the most special and unique birthday banner.

birthday banner damon

Birthdays at our house is a party that lasts at least a week long. That’s how it was when I was growing up so I do the same for my family. Every year I make a Happy Birthday banner to spotlight the birthday child.  I hang it on my hutch that is just off the kitchen since that is where we spend most of the time. I love when I catch one of them just starring at the photos saying “I remember when that happened.” or ” remember when I liked such and such.” They get a kick when they realize how much they have changed physically.

The picking process is really easy because of my Project Life Albums.  Since all my pictures are in one place I can easily flip through the pages and find the pictures that are meaningful to the birthday child.

Place them in chronological order from birth until the current age.
picture banner

I have to admit that the tears were flowing when I made this particular banner. Who am I kidding, I cry every time I make one for my kids. But this one really did me in. My baby boy is growing up so fast and I want time to stand still. Or at least slow down just a little bit. Yesterday morning when I went in his quiet room to wake him up for school I crawled into his bed and just watched him sleep. Pretty soon his chubby little fingers are going to be gone. The days that I can give him a piggy back ride are dwindling down because he is a solid little boy.  Soon he won’t need my help for the simplest of things. I’m happy that he is growing into such a great kid but I do miss my baby boy.

Damon's 6th bday

Seriously could he be any more handsome?

I know I’m old because I am constantly saying how fast this phase of parenthood is flying by!

happy Birthday Banner using pictures pinterest

Baptism or Birthday Garland

This was the banner from when my daughter was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Cream Cheese Potato Chip Dip

 The EASIEST cream cheese chip dip recipe you will ever make!

Cream Cheese Chip Dip Pinterest

If you are ever present at one of my extended family functions, this chip dip is ALWAYS on the buffet table. So basically I have been devouring this chip dip for 35 years!! Ha…I’m giving you a reference to my age, oops! I’m talking every Christmas day. Every BBQ. Every baby blessing. Every tailgate party. Almost every Sunday dinner. I’m telling you it’s the most prepared recipe my family makes by a land slide.  Here’s what the crazy thing is…the ingredients are so simple yet seem so strange mixed together. It’s heavy whipping cream, soft cream cheese, and the secret weapon is LAWRY’S seasoning salt! That’s it! I’ll be honest, the “look” isn’t the most appealing. It’s not bright or colorful or have a fun texture but the TASTE is so addicting. You won’t be able to eat just one potato chip with this chip dip 🙂

Potato Chip Dip

Though the ingredients are simple, the execution requires a little bit of attention and taste testing.  You’ll whip the soft cream cheese and heavy whipping cream to a firm peak texture and the salt is a total preference. I start out with a tiny bit and taste, if I need to add more than I do. That was always my job growing up was to taste it at the end with a chip to see if it needed more Lawry’s salt or not. It’s so cute now to have my kids be my little taste testers.

Cream Cheese Potato Chip Dip

1 cream cheese cube; room temperature

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 1/2 tsp Lawry’s seasoning salt

Bag of potato chips

Use a Kitchen Aid or electric mixer on the highest speed to whip the cream cheese and whipping cream together til it forms a firm peak. Stir in the seasoning salt. Make the dip right before serving. Serve with potato chips.

Cream Cheese Potato Chip Dip

Another Yummy Cream Cheese Appetizer Recipe:


Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Dip

Naptime for Babies: 5 tried and true tips

Naptime for babies: 5 tried and true tips for a happy sleepy baby.

shhh...it's naptime door bell cover

Ahhh! Naptime! I remember those days! It was the golden time of the day. When my baby took their nap that meant I could shower. Yes! I could work out. Yes! I could actually sit on the couch and watch something that wasn’t a cartoon. Yes! Truth be told though. I am really starting to miss those days since my youngest one will be in Kindergarten this year. No more naps in this house. In fact, I try everything in my power now to make sure no one is napping because if they even close their eyes for 10 minutes they won’t go to bed. Now my golden time of the day is 7:30 pm when they lay down and go to sleep for the night.

I made the sign above which is a door bell cover from my ETSY shop for a new mom last week which got me thinking about naptime and the few tricks I’ve learned along the way. So if you are struggling to get your angel baby down for their nap, I hope these tips help. I’d love to hear in the comment section any other tips that you might have too!

1. Understanding Cues.

This was probably the hardest one to figure out but once I did it made all the difference in the world. Look for his cues before the major meltdown happens. For my kids it was their yawns. If we got to the third yawn and they weren’t in the process of being laid down then it was a fight to get them to sleep. He might rub his eyes. He might lay his head down. He might get wound up. You have to pay attention through out the day for those unique cues and get them into bed before they freak out. Schedules are super important and babies thrive on them but look for their cues and be a little flexible.

2. Lights Out.

 Say NO to the night light! Invest in some blackout curtains or shades to simulate nighttime during the day. I swear this works. With my 2 older girls I kept their room completely dark and still to this day they know when it’s dark in their room, then it’s time for bed. With my youngest, I had him sleep with a night light. I think the only reason was that I found a really cute one on Jane.com. I really wish I wouldn’t have because he struggles going to sleep in the dark. He has gotten better but there are nights that he wants to door open so some light can come in.  

3. Massage. 

Studies show that babies and toddlers who enjoy a 15 minute massage before bed fall asleep faster than those children who were read a bedtime story. All 3 of my kids did so much better at falling asleep when I’d give them a light massage. I did this every night after their baths and used this oil. It smells delicious and soaks into the skin really fast so it’s not super messy. Naptime was a little tricky because they didn’t get the full little massage out of the bath tub. But what I would do is just rub their backs when I was rocking them before I laid them down.

4. Singing.

Your baby loves hearing your voice and lullaby’s soothe them. Now I am the WORST singer out there but I still sang to my babies everyday.

5. White Noise. 

We used this white noise machine from day 1 with all of our children and it helped so much. It has 6 different sounds, white noise being one of them, and just a little tiny light on the top so it’s not bright at all. We love it.

This darling DOOR BELL COVER is perfect for the any household with a sleeping child 🙂 You can see it here.
shhh...it's naptime

4th of July Party Bags

Create 4th of the July party bags – makes an easy hostess gift or a patriotic surprise for your family!

4th of july party favors pinterest

Does anyone else think this month is flying by?  I can’t believe we’re just a few weeks away from July 4th! Other than the fact that it is hotter than Hades here in the desert, I love the 4th of July. The day is spent at the pool trying to keep cool and then a BBQ with friends and fireworks afterwards is a MUST! When throwing a party or get together, I love to send my guests away with a little something special. These 4th of July party bags are the perfect party favor because you can stuff them with anything you want and decorate them to your style. I absolutely loved making them, and you’ll love how easy they are!

Supplies needed to make the 4th of July party bags:

(affliate links are included for your convenience)

Plain Muslin Bags

– USA Stencil using a Cameo Silhouette Machine

Star Stencil

– Stencil Brush

– Craft Paint: red and blue

– Fun Patriotic Items: fireworks, glow sticks, red, white, and blue candy, ect.


Take your stencil and place it over the muslin bag. Dip your stencil brush in the paint and dab it on a paper towel until it is almost dry, this prevents the paint from seeping under the stencil.

stenciled 4th of july bag

Stenciled 4th of July Muslin Bags
4th of july party bags

4th of july goodie bags

See how easy they are to make?! It will take you less than an 30 minutes for a bunch of bags from start to finish. The best part of making these 4th of July party bags was stuffing them full of fun red, white, and blue surprises.  When my kids saw me making these cute little bags, they made a countdown calendar until July 4th when they get to play with the fireworks! I loved seeing how excited they are!

Crock Pot Chicken Sandwiches With Barbecue Sauce

Crock pot chicken with barbecue sauce is yummy over rice or served in a sandwich.

Crock pot barbecue chicken sandwiches make a easy and delicious summer dinner. Sweet and spicy chicken topped with melted pepper jack cheese.

I love to be in my kitchen cooking for my family but I have to tell you that summers in Arizona are so hot that some days I just can’t bare the thought of cooking over a hot stove. This is where crock pot meals SAVE my life during the summer. Just throw a few ingredients in the crock pot in the morning and then chill by the pool until dinnertime is how things usually go around my house these days. Use these for a total time saver when you have to clean out your crock pot! These are my favorite. I have tried a lot of barbecue chicken recipes out there and this one is always my go-to recipe. The brown sugar gives the perfect amount of sweetness while the vinegar and pepper flakes throw in that spicy punch of flavor! So so good! Today I’m sharing 2 different ways you can serve this dish.

Make these crock pot barbecue sandwiches with only 6 ingredients! Brown sugar and the red pepper flakes make this dish sweet and spicy!

Crock Pot Chicken With Barbecue Sauce

4-6 chicken breasts

1 bottle of barbecue sauce

1/4 cup vinegar

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp red pepper flakes

Mix all the ingredients together, except for the chicken. Put your chicken in the crock pot and pour the barbecue sauce over the chicken. Bake on low for 4-6 hours.

You can serve crock pot chicken a few different ways.

1. Serve it over warm cooked rice. My favorite rice is the Long Grain Brown Rice found at Costco. It does take an hour to cook so just keep that in mind. Drizzle the some of the left over barbecue sauce over the chicken and rice.

2. Shred the chicken and let it soak up the sauce. Take sliced hoagie buns or rolls and add pepper jack cheese slices to the top and broil in the oven until the cheese is melted and the bread is toasty. Serve with potato salad and a pickle and you have a summertime dinner!

Crock Pot Chicken Sandwich in Barbecue Sauce - a sweet and tangy chicken sandwich recipe.

Crock pot barbecue chicken sandwiches make a quick and yummy dinner for any night of the week.

BD Design Blog Is Now Painted Confetti


It’s me! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’m so excited to be back typing on the old laptop again 🙂 This introductory post has been a long time coming! I have been wanting to re brand BD Design Blog for awhile and now it is finally up and running! I couldn’t be more happier. Painted Confetti AnnouncementI started my blog back in 2013 when I was consistently selling refinished furniture for friends and neighbors. I started refinishing furniture as a hobby and that hobby gave my family a little extra money as I sold each piece. I decided to get a bit more professional so I created a blog on blogger to showcase my work and get more referrals. I wasn’t really thinking of the future when I first came up with the name BD Designs. In fact, I was kind of put on the spot when I signed up to be a vendor at a local market and needed a name! So without much thought I said BD Designs…B for Brandy, D for Dunaway, Design for Designing 🙂 Really creative huh?

Well, the blog slowly drifted away from furniture transformations and became more of a DIY craft, recipe, and home decor blog. So the name evolved into BD Design Blog. And I have never loved it. It didn’t represent what my blog was to be about anymore. Plus, try saying that name fast…BD Design Blog! It just never flowed. It never felt right. I knew I needed a change. A name change. A logo change. A blog change. A place where I feel more myself, where the name and the look represent me and my point of view!


“Painted” because I still do love painting. I love furniture and room transformations. I have my Etsy shop where I sell hand painted signs for your home. I am constantly tackling DIY projects around where paint (and glitter) are usually being used!

And “Confetti” because I love to celebrate! Whether it’s holidays with cute decor and yummy food recipes. Or celebrating life and lessons learned.

I have changed all of my social media handles to Painted Confetti so if you aren’t joining me there, I would love for you to follow along! Links to all the accounts are up in the corner! I have lots of fun posts ready for the summer so I hope you check back soon. Transferring over 150 posts and re tagging them won’t happen overnight but I’ll do my best to get everything in order!

BD Design Blog Under Construction

Hey there!

I’m so excited to be re-branding my company and can’t wait to show you my new blog design. The sneak peaks I’ve seen are SO gorgeous! So if you see me floating around out there in the social media world you might see Painted Confetti or BD Design Blog. I’m both for a little bit longer.


The Award for Best Decorating House

One of our family favorite traditions is giving an award to the best decorated house
Like many of you, one of our favorite things to do during the Christmas holiday is to drive around in our pajamas and look at all the amazing decorated houses! We fill our insulated mugs up with hot cocoa, turn up the Christmas music up and sing like it’s nobody’s business. This is a whole month long tradition.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

5 ingredient pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe
This is the best pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe – perfect for the lovely Fall season! These cookies are the easiest yet most delicious pumpkin cookie recipe you will ever make. There are 2 things I look forward to when Fall arrives…cooler weather and anything PUMPKIN! Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin waffles, ect.  I’m a little obsessed. Continue Reading

Swarm of Bats Decorated Pumpkin

I can’t believe Halloween is only a few weeks away! All my decorations are up and I have to tell you this is pumpkin turned out so cute, it’s my new favorite decoration! At first, I thought I wanted to do an orange pumpkin with black bats because…bats are black, right? But when I saw this black pumpkin at the craft store I knew I needed to use it. I love the orange bats on it. It’s a little different and unexpected, what do you think?

Take a black styrofoam pumpkin and attach different sized bats to the pumpkin in a swarming effect

The best part…I made this spooky little pumpkin in less than 20 minutes and it cost no more than $10!

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DIY Gold Glitter Sign

Hey everyone! This week has been so crazy busy with half days, and parent teacher conferences, and the start of the soccer season, and extra dance classes! I have have been so looking forward to tonight to just chill and blog while I catch up on my TV! FINALLY, my favorite shows are back! I loved Empire and Nashville, and of course Modern Family. Which shows are you most excited about this fall?

My sweet friend asked me to help her design a few signs and artwork to add to her newly redecorated playroom and this was one of the pieces we came up with. Have you ever had a piece of artwork that you loved but was a little “blah” or outdated? Don’t give up on it just yet. I’m a firm believer in that there isn’t anything a little paint and glitter can’t make fantastic again! Gold paint and gold glitter no less 🙂

"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed


Here’s what you will need for this little project:

– a piece of artwork that spells a word
– a bottle of gold metallic spray paint
– medium coarse gold glitter
– Modge Podge or Elmer’s glue
– glitter sealer

1. Take your piece of artwork and give a good cleaning.

"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed
2. Then take your bottle of spray paint and spray the entire piece. Let it dry for a few hours. I had to do several coats of paint to evenly cover all the grooves.
"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed
3. Once it’s dry, take a paint brush (or your finger) and spread the glue evenly on just the top part.


"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed

3. Here comes my favorite part: sprinkle the glitter until your heart is content! Cover with glitter until you can’t see any more glue. Give it a little pat to make the glitter stick and then turn it over and give it a little shake to get the access glitter off.

"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed


4. Now for the most important part…seal the glitter. Why do all this work just to have your glitter flake off and make a mess on the floor. All it needs is a fine layer of sealer sprayed on top for it to last forever!

I hope this inspires you to redo a piece of artwork and give it a little glittery update! I’ll be posting pics of the playroom in the coming days!

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