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8 Perfect Summer Hats

Hats are essential for summer. Here are a few of my favorite ones!
It’s time to bust out the hats ladies because SUMMER is here! Truth be told, I have only owned a few hats in my life because my head is dang small that most hats don’t fit. But the ones that I do have (that fit) are so fun. Not only does it complete your look but you don’t have to do you hair. Let me REPEAT: You don’t have to do your hair!! You just throw a hat on and go! I added a few black hats to my wishlist because I think even in summer you need a black hat! I have a few of these hats and I LOVE them. Here are some more favorites I would love to have:

1. Newport Standard Raffia Hat
This hat is so cute and it’s name is one of my favorite places to visit. I love that you can tie the raffia string to adjust the size.

2. Crushed Top Ranger Hat
This hat is so chic. The leather trim with the buckle is the perfect touch.

3. Textured Summer Straw Hat
You must be poolside drinking a strawberry lemonade slushy when wearing this darling hat!

4. Metallic Raffia Straw Hat
Perfection! This hat screams the BEACH!

5. Over Sized Floppy Hat
This is the ultimate summer hat right here. I have a floppy hat and I’m obsessed with it.

6. Layla Straw Cowboy Hat
It’s like a cowboy hat but way prettier!

7. Two Tone Lily Sun Hat
I want this one! I feel like every Real Housewife would own this chic hat.

8. Fedora Hat
Can’t get much better than a fedora right now, huh? I wear mine A LOT in the summer.

Which one is your favorite? Are you a hat person or not?

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8 Perfect Summer Hats



8 Responses to 8 Perfect Summer Hats

  1. I love all the hats you posted. I have always been told I look nice wearing hats but I personally don't like the way I look. I love hat #1 that's my favorite!

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