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Baby Shoes Shadow Box

Today I will be sharing one of my most cherished items in my entire house. A shadow box full of vivid memories. Before we get to the tutorial, I’ll share how this little treasure came to life.

{clearing my throat…hmm….hmm}

Hello, my name is Brandy and I have a little bit of a hoarding problem!! Not like HOARDERS, the-TV-show-can’t-see-the-floor-hoarding problem. But I like to label myself as a sentimental hoarder. That’s okay, right?

In my office I have a crowded filing box filled with scribbled artwork from when my kids were little. I can’t seem to throw one of their HUNDRED stuff animals away even though I mumble every time I step over one. My daughters are 7 and 8 yet their 3T Disney princess dresses still hang in their closets. I think the reason I don’t get rid of those things is I’m afraid that if I donate their sweet treasures, I will forget how much I adored that stage in their life. I don’t want to ever forget those moments that melted my heart.

My garage WAS filled with an unhealthy amount of bins of clothes that my girls used to wear. I’m talking like 20 or so bins. My husband had a small intervention one spring day in order to make room for my curbside prizes. I knew some things needed to go. I went through bin after bin and each one had some piece of clothing that evoked down right emotion. I’m not gonna lie…there were tears! The onsie where she ate her first meal, the dress she wore for her first Christmas, the polk-a-dot sweater she wore when we would take her to swing at the park, the headband she rocked for her preschool graduation. But when I saw 4 certain pairs of shoes I knew I couldn’t part with them.

So this sentimental hoarder, decided to display them instead of donating them or worse letting them sit in a dusty bin in the garage. Every time I look at this box I remember how happy those shoes made me.

Now on to the tutorial! Hurry out to your garage and rummage through those memory laden bins. Grab the shoes that bring back good memories.

What you will need:
a shadow box
4 shoes
any material that is special (baby blanket, shirt, towel)
tags to display age
command strips
spray glue adhesive
washi tape

Unless you custom make a shadow box that will be deep enough to fit your shoes, you will have to take apart the box. On the plus side, I now have a really cute frame left over.

Take your command strips and spray adhesive and mount the bottoms of the shoes to the box.

Make a banner to add one more special personal touch. I cut up a small section of her baby blanket (if you just gasped in disbelief, you could totally use a favorite towel or other piece of clothing).  I stitched the pieces together and hung it from the top. I don’t know how to sew ANYTHING and I surprised myself in making this. So if I can do it, you can do it!

Take any decorative tags you have laying around your craft room and label the shoes.

That’s it! I hope this post inspires you to display whatever it is that makes you smile and brings you back to a happy place. Just for kicks and giggles, here are 2 of the displayed shoes in action:

Celebrating her 1st birthday.

My clean and organized FASHIONISTA.
Thank you for taking this stroll down memory lane with me 🙂

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