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Designated Homework Station

Emily, from The Benson Street, has a series happening right now on her blog called “45 Days of Back to School Ideas” and I’m thrilled to be apart of it! There are going to be A LOT of great ideas coming from some fantastic bloggers so make sure you check it out! 
I realize that for some of you school just got out so how could I be possibly talking about creating a homework station for the upcoming school year?! However, for us in Arizona, we start up again in a few weeks! Crazy how time flies when you are having fun! It seems like I just barely set up my girls end-of-the-school-year balloon surprise in the front yard

Organization does NOT come naturally to me. I have to really work at it. OBVIOUSLY!

Last year, I remember thinking a thousand different times that I needed to have a designated area, a homework station, where the kids could easily find their school supplies to finish homework and projects. We were a mess! We had color crayons in the closet, paper in the office, scissors somewhere else, glue and glitter outside in the garage…hey, why not?
So I decided to make the cupboard that is 3 FEET from the dining room table, where they do their work, the designated HOMEWORK STATION and I couldn’t be happier.

While cleaning out the cupboards to create the space I found our CHORE CHART stuffed to the back. Hmmm. That system works…when you can SEE it. We got to get back on that again.

Crayons in the Barbie bathtub?? What is going on? Ha! Time to get this thing organized…
First, I went to Target and picked up 4 cute containers but you can use any you have on hand:
1. for craft supplies
2. glue/glitter/tape
3. markers
4. paint supplies

I had 3 pencil boxes left over from last year so I put them to good use…..

I stuck a label on the top of each box so that the kids know exactly where to put their pencils and crayons when they are cleaning up.

The girls LOVE to make cards and use my stamps! So instead of them going into my office and rummaging through all my bins, it’s all in one place! Loving this organization already!

See that pencil sharpener? That is vintage, my friends. I had that thing in high school which was a looooong time ago and it still works like a champ!

Ahhh, so much better. 
I give this project an A ++++++++++


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