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DIY “DAD” Pinata for Father’s Day

 Father's Day Pinata filled with his favorite treats.

Are you searching for a unique father’s day gift idea for your dad this year? Men are hard to buy for, huh? Well, this Father’s Day spoil your Dad with this fun DIY pinata filled with all the sweet treats he loves! Growing up I remember saving my change for weeks to go to the corner gas station to buy my dad his favorite candy bar for Father’s Day.  I know he appreciated it every year. Thinking back though I would have LOVED to have seen him smash a mini pinata to get his treat! Ha! That’s it, I’m going to send him one this year for sure. When I made this my kids were my little helpers. They love fraying the crepe paper with scissors.

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DIY Father’s Day Mini Pinatas

Supply List:

Paper Mache Letters in D-A-D
LOTS of fringed strips of tissue paper
quick drying glue
Xacto knife
baker’s twine

Mini DAD pinatas stuffed full of his favorite treats.

I cut 2-3 inch strips of tissue paper, folding each in half, and then snipping all the way down with your scissors. Martha Stewart has a pair of fringe scissors and the next time I’m at the craft store, I will be picking up a pair. It took a long time! But I love how it turned out. I picked blue and white tissue paper because Clint’s favorite sports team is BYU!! But these metallic tissue paper sheets would be awesome too!

Next, you want to start a movie on Netflix and then start gluing the fringe strips because this takes awhile! I started from the bottom of the letters and worked my way up to the top. I did that on both sides and then finished the sides.

Next, I took my Xacto knife and cut a little door so I could easily stuff the pinata with the treats!
Father's Day Gift Mini Stiffed Pinata
Trim as needed!!
Father's Day Gift Idea

I hot glued some twine to the top of the pinatas so we can hang them for him to swing at. I think it might break my heart a little when it breaks open because it was definitely a labor of love 🙂 But I can’t wait to see his face when he sees this special present on his special day.

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