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DIY Gold Glitter Sign

Hey everyone! This week has been so crazy busy with half days, and parent teacher conferences, and the start of the soccer season, and extra dance classes! I have have been so looking forward to tonight to just chill and blog while I catch up on my TV! FINALLY, my favorite shows are back! I loved Empire and Nashville, and of course Modern Family. Which shows are you most excited about this fall?

My sweet friend asked me to help her design a few signs and artwork to add to her newly redecorated playroom and this was one of the pieces we came up with. Have you ever had a piece of artwork that you loved but was a little “blah” or outdated? Don’t give up on it just yet. I’m a firm believer in that there isn’t anything a little paint and glitter can’t make fantastic again! Gold paint and gold glitter no less 🙂

"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed


Here’s what you will need for this little project:

– a piece of artwork that spells a word
– a bottle of gold metallic spray paint
– medium coarse gold glitter
– Modge Podge or Elmer’s glue
– glitter sealer

1. Take your piece of artwork and give a good cleaning.

"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed
2. Then take your bottle of spray paint and spray the entire piece. Let it dry for a few hours. I had to do several coats of paint to evenly cover all the grooves.
"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed
3. Once it’s dry, take a paint brush (or your finger) and spread the glue evenly on just the top part.


"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed

3. Here comes my favorite part: sprinkle the glitter until your heart is content! Cover with glitter until you can’t see any more glue. Give it a little pat to make the glitter stick and then turn it over and give it a little shake to get the access glitter off.

"Hello" sign painted, glittered, and sealed


4. Now for the most important part…seal the glitter. Why do all this work just to have your glitter flake off and make a mess on the floor. All it needs is a fine layer of sealer sprayed on top for it to last forever!

I hope this inspires you to redo a piece of artwork and give it a little glittery update! I’ll be posting pics of the playroom in the coming days!


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