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Dramatic Black Suede Dresser Re-do

It’s the weekend! YES!! My to-do list is crazy long. What does yours look like? Are you doing anything fun? My #1 goal is to paint my powder room. You guys, I’m so excited because I finally talked Clint into liking the idea of a black and white striped bathroom. So I’m crossing my fingers I love it because it took a lot of convincing on part. I’m obsessed with black and white so I know it will look awesome. Are you a fan of black and white stripes? I will definitely post pictures when it’s done. Anyways, I wanted to share this quick post about taking a DRAB piece of furniture and turning into a stunning piece. I did this for one of my sweetest clients and she loved it! All you need is a sander, primer, paint, and polyacrylic and you are set!

I’m loving the furniture trend right now because you really can’t go wrong with either the distressed and antiqued look or the polished and modern look. Here’s how I decide how I’m going to paint a piece of furniture: if it has awesome details with grooves and indentions than I lean towards the antiqued look. If the piece has straight lines with zero detail, I usually go for the modern look (which means no distressing or glazing).

This dresser was B-O-R-I-N-G! It definitely needed a makeover. After I sanded the piece down removing all of the gloss on the top layer, I primed it and let it sit over night to dry. The next day I painted the dresser using Behr paint in Black Suede from Home Depot. After a few days I applied 2 thin coats of polyacrylic, sanding with an ulta-fine sand paper in between coats. 
What a difference a coat of paint makes? Huh?
Now you are ready to style your dresser! I love black and white decor together with a pop of glitter or color. I added this black and white striped board to pull the look together. 
Have a great weekend and good luck on tackling your weekend projects!! 


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