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Pom Pom Flower Tutorial

Pom pom flowers easily created by using yarn and washi tape.Right now pom pom flowers are a huge hit my house! My girls and I have been busy making different colored fluffy pom pom flowers everyday. We made these bright flowers to decorate the table for Sunday dinner awhile back and it gave it such a summery feel. These little pom pom flowers will sure brightened up any space plus they are so simple and easy to make. All you really need is some yarn in any color and you are good to go! When I was little I remember making this pom pom flower version by using a fork! I’ll have to teach my girls how to make those next.

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Pom Pom Fluffy Flowers Tutorial

Yarn. Loving these fun color combos: BEACH, BRIGHTS, CRAYONS, PASTELS
Wrap the yarn around your hand about 100 times to get the big and fluffy pom pom.

Haha! Notice that I got a little wrap happy and did it too tight and my hand was turning blue. Don’t do that 🙂

Once you have removed the wrapped yarn from your hand, secure it with a 6 inch string of the same color yarn and tie a knot. Then take your scissors and cut all the loops of yarn. Once all the strings have been cut I take my scissors and cut any strings of yarn that are longer. You know, give it a good trim!

Take your floral wire and cut it at the desired height you want and then wrap the wire with your washi tape! And that’s it! Super easy and fun to make.
Fluffy pom pom flowers made with yarn and washi tape.

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