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Gold Ombre Ornaments

Holy BUSY week friends! Have you all been running around like crazy too? Man, I can’t believe how fast December is flying by!! I finally got all my Christmas decorations up in between dance parades, Christmas parties, painting more custom signs for my SWEET customers, and planning a fancy Christmas dinner with the ladies in my church. But now that the tree is up and the stockings are hung….I finally feel like it’s Christmas now. 

My favorite Christmas decoration is HANDS DOWN my Christmas tree. I bought it 8 years ago from Costco and had to literally throw ELBOWS to get it. Picture a crowded Costco during the holidays and only one more pre-lite Christmas tree box IN THE STATE laying there. Now picture 5 ladies seeing it at the exact same time and RUNNING towards the box. Yep, that’s exactly what happened and guess who beat out the other 4 ANGRY women? ME!! By like a quarter of a second. And they were ticked. Ha! So each year when I see it come out of the box, I pat myself on the back and do a little high kick (that’s what I do when I get excited…my friend Jill always does it so I picked that up from her 🙂 Aaaaanyways, I love my Christmas tree and the ornaments and this year I added a few more shimmery old ombre ornaments. They are SO pretty!

What you will need:
plastic clear ornaments
shimmery gold paint
gold paint marker
– circle sponge brush
– ribbon

 Remove the cap from the ornament and color it gold with the paint marker.

Take your sponge brush and blot it on a napkin so the paint is really thin. Press it repeatedly to the ornament and work your way down the ball. I did 2 coats of paint so that the ombre look was really visible.
Um. I need a manicure like BAAAAD…….stop looking 🙂 haha.
Is your Christmas tree up yet? 

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