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Halloween Decor 2016

With only 2 weeks left until Halloween, my decorations are finally up! Insert my high kick, YES! We went on vacation for fall break last week and I wish I would have had it all put up before we left but oh well. There’s always next year to be on time.
Halloween Decorations for my buffet table.

I LOVE decorating for Halloween! If you were to put my Halloween storage bins next to my Christmas storage bins, there is a clear winner. I have so much Halloween decor. As you all know black and white is my jam and that’s what’s on trend when it comes to Halloween decor so I just can’t help myself from buying EVERYTHING!


Here’s the thing…I don’t have a lot of space to decorate so sometimes I feel like it’s too much going on in a tiny space but what do you do? Believe it or not some decor pieces don’t make the cute according to my subtle theme that I have going on. But I personally love to decorate the heck out of my tables and shelves.

Halloween Decor Buffet Table: WICKED blocks with glitter skeleton head

This WICKED block set is super special to me as it was a gift from my mom. She understands my obsession over Halloween because she shares it too!! How cute is that glittered skull?

Black mirror with hanging glittery black branch wreath

I found this glittery black wreath at JoAnn’s and I love it! It’s the perfect size to fill my over sized black mirror.


31 Thumb Tack No Carve Pumpkin Tutorial

The SPELLS candy book is my kids favorite Halloween decor in the house. It’s a candy box and when you lift the lid a creepy witch hackles and my kids got nuts every time they open the box. This year it hasn’t been opened that much since I tucked it behind some other things but I need to get it out so I can hear them laugh at it. Maybe I’ll share them playing with it in my Instagram Stories and you can see it in action. This book is also special to me because it was the first decoration I bought when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter 10 tears ago. I bought it with her and my future children in mind and what do you know, they love it just as much as I thought they would 🙂

Witch Better Have My Candy Wood Sign.

Swarm Of Bats No Carve Pumpkin Tutorial

My kids look forward to helping me decorate the house each year for every holiday. I cherish all the memories of us spending time together making our home fun and festive. The spooky Halloween tree gets decorated usually by Damon each year. You can find my Witch Better Have My Candy wood sign in my Etsy shop. You can still get it for this year to sit on your front porch for your trick-or-treaters or you can buy it now and save it for next year’s Halloween decor.

Halloween pillows and a no carve pumpkin decor

Touches of Halloween in the living room.


Spell Book Candy Bowl

Halloween Pillows

Wool Felt Ball Garland

Black and White Spider Candles (similar)

Black Halloween Twig Wreath

Metal Pumpkin Decoration (similar)

Black Spider Web Table Runner (similar)


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