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Happy Birthday Banner Using Photos

Happy Birthday Banner – use photographs from birth until the present to create the most special and unique birthday banner.

birthday banner damon

Birthdays at our house is a party that lasts at least a week long. That’s how it was when I was growing up so I do the same for my family. Every year I make a Happy Birthday banner to spotlight the birthday child.  I hang it on my hutch that is just off the kitchen since that is where we spend most of the time. I love when I catch one of them just starring at the photos saying “I remember when that happened.” or ” remember when I liked such and such.” They get a kick when they realize how much they have changed physically.

The picking process is really easy because of my Project Life Albums.  Since all my pictures are in one place I can easily flip through the pages and find the pictures that are meaningful to the birthday child.

Place them in chronological order from birth until the current age.
picture banner

I have to admit that the tears were flowing when I made this particular banner. Who am I kidding, I cry every time I make one for my kids. But this one really did me in. My baby boy is growing up so fast and I want time to stand still. Or at least slow down just a little bit. Yesterday morning when I went in his quiet room to wake him up for school I crawled into his bed and just watched him sleep. Pretty soon his chubby little fingers are going to be gone. The days that I can give him a piggy back ride are dwindling down because he is a solid little boy.  Soon he won’t need my help for the simplest of things. I’m happy that he is growing into such a great kid but I do miss my baby boy.

Damon's 6th bday

Seriously could he be any more handsome?

I know I’m old because I am constantly saying how fast this phase of parenthood is flying by!

happy Birthday Banner using pictures pinterest

Baptism or Birthday Garland

This was the banner from when my daughter was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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