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Happy Halloween 2016

Party City Halloween Costumes

Did you all survive Halloween? Talk about a Halloween hangover over here 🙂 Who thought having Halloween on a school night was okay?? It’s not! Haha! We had so many parties that we went to this year. School parties, church parties, friend parties. Sure, it’s a lot of work but I feel good about it because they actually get to wear their costumes more than once.

Here was my cute crew this year…CAT WOMAN, QUEEN OF HEARTS, and a POLICE OFFICER. This year we gathered with our friends who live on our street (have I ever told you how fantastic my neighbors are? It’s the best street/neighborhood in the WORLD! Anyways, we ate pizza and root beer and took lots of cute pictures. After dinner it was time to hit the streets! This year was weird for me. It was the first year that I didn’t have to “help” take my littles up to the door. Or remind them to say “trick-or-treat” and “thank you”. Or help carry heavy bags of candy. They did it all by themselves. They actually were running full speed ahead and we had to drag them home. So different from the years past. All these milestones sting just a little bit.

Bat Woman Halloween Costume

Avery was the most stunning Cat Woman. Man, when I put make up on her she looks 18 to me! She’s so beautiful. Avery loved this costume. Simple, comfortable, and fierce. That’s her.

Police Officer Costume

STOP IT with the cuteness with this one! He is OBSESSED with police officers and firemen so he wanted to be one of the two. When we found this costume at Party City it was a no brainer! He looked adorable. After their class party on Halloween I had to run to Costco so he had to come in his costume and EVERYONE stopped to tell him how legit and cute he looked. He was on CLOUD 9 and strutted his stuff all day long.

Queen of Hearts costume

Now this girl just takes your breath away with her beauty! She was the perfect Queen of Hearts this year. Sparkle and crowns are what she is all about:)

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!




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