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Hocus Pocus Halloween Kids Costumes

Hocus Pocus Kid Costume Ideas

It’s Sunday night and I am feeling a Halloween hangover 🙂 We finished out the month of October with a bang! Our cousins flew in from Utah to celebrate Halloween with us so we tried to squeeze EVERYTHING into those 3 days. Boy, am I TIRED! But I wanted to share with you my kids costumes this year. They turned out better than I imagined. We wanted to do a group costume theme for the kids to enjoy and since Hocus Pocus is one of our most favorite movies right now it made perfect sense to dress them up as the famous cast!

Hocus Pocus witches Halloween costume inspiration.
 Above are the Hocus Pocus witches: Mary, Winnie, and Sara Sanderson.
Below are the darling look-a-like witches.
 Mary Winnie Sara Hocus Pocus witch costumes
I had so much fun creating these costumes for the kids. I literally hit the Goodwill jackpot every time I went searching for items.
Mary: I found a flowy red cape that I paired with a shimmery gold sweater and a flowy purple skirt. To make the hair stand straight up, I wrapped it around a small dixie cup!
Winnie:  Her jacket was one of my favorite pieces I found. It was a gorgeous fitted blazer. Of course she had her signature heart shaped red lip. I used this red lipstick.
Sara: I dressed her in this periwinkle satin dress shirt and purple cape.
We can’t forget Billy Butcherson and his mini twin!
 Hocus Pocus zombie costume ideas
 I searched high and low for suit pants, blazers, and dress shirts for the zombie boys. I was so excited when I found them and felt a little bad ripping them up 🙂 I shredded some white linen fabric to make the sleeve and collar inserts. To make them more zombie-like, I used white face paint and white hair spray to finish the look.
Hocus Pocus cast Halloween custome inspiration
Hocus Pocus Costume ideas with all the details

Next year will be hard to beat, right? I just can’t get over how great they look. They loved it so much that they stayed in character the whole evening trick-or-treating!

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