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How to Make Crepe Paper Bow Ties

Did you guys see my Father’s Day Gift that has a bow tie attached to the top? Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial so that you can make a darling crepe paper bow tie in less than 5 minutes!

 Let’s get started! Lay out your crepe paper and fold a strip that is about 4 inches long. Then keep wrapping it around each other about 6 or 7 times. The more times you go around, the more sturdy it will be. If it’s not thick it won’t hold up its shape.

Then scrunch it or pinch it down in the middle creating a crease. 

Cut off another strip of paper that it about 5 inches long and fold it in thirds lengthwise.

Taking the long strip, wrap it around the center until the crepe paper is used up.

Attach a small piece of clear tape on the backside to keep it in place. I also thought of using washi tape instead of the long piece of crepe paper. It could get really cute with different designs!

After you tape it together, puff out the ends to give it a fuller look! These are super quick and very inexpensive to make!!

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