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How to make Snowman Sacks

Snowman Sacks – a sack filled to the brim with fun snowman decorating accessories!

These Snowman Sacks are filled with all the accessories you need to decorate your snowman!

How dang CUTE are these little Snowman Sacks?

It might seem a little strange that this Arizona girl is sharing a cute snowman idea when I don’t live in a snowy place! However, I feel justified since the rest of the country is covered in snow! My mom made these Snowman Sacks and gave them to all of us kids for Christmas one year. Sadly, my little family has only been able to use it a handful of times when we lived in Ohio. But I’ve held onto it just in case we ever visit a winter wonderland. My poor kids are snow deprived and pray for snow everyday. Poor little things.

These would make darling gifts for family, friends, or neighbors who love to play out in the snow!
Snowman accessories to fit into your snowman sacks

Supplies for the Snowman Sack:

– Medium size linen sack

– black felt pieces for the eyes and mouth

– orange material for the nose on the bag

 black felt hat

– flannel material for the scarf

9 white golf tees

–  6 marbels

– 2 stones; two black and one clear

artificial carrot

How to make a Snowman Sack:

To make the sack: Take your linen cloth and glue or sew on the black felt eyes, mouth, and the orange nose.

To make the props to go inside of the sack: For the scarf, cut a 6 inch strip of flannel material and cut the ends into frayed strips. For the eyes and mouth, use gorilla glue and glue the stones and marbles to the flat part of the golf tee. The top hat comes just in black so to dress it up add a cute ribbon around it.

These Snowman Sacks are filled with all the accessories you need to decorate your snowman!

Tuck all of the props inside the bag, tie it up with a ribbon, and you have the sweetest little Snowman Sack.

 I know Christmas just ended but think NEXT YEAR! These Snowman Sacks paired with a yummy hot chocolate kit would be such a thoughtful Christmas gift for neighbors and friends!


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  1. I love this and can’t wait to do it with my kids! 🙂 random question, but do you remember the name of the font you used in the finished product picture? I love it! 🙂

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