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How to Style a Holiday Dessert Table {Part 1}

Last week I shared a sneak peak of the amazing Merry & Bright Christmas Party that I hosted with a few of my favorite local blogging gals. I teamed up Kelli and Kristi, from Lolly Jane, and we decorated this dessert table together. There are so many darling details that I have to split it up into 2 posts, so be looking for that next week! I jsut want to give the BIGGEST shout out to Rebecca, from Simple As That, who took all of these gorgeous photos for us. She is so talented!
I don’t know if you know but my mom is kinda-of-a-big-deal cater up in Utah and she has taught me a thing or two about styling dessert tables. If it wasn’t for her I would probably just plop everything down in one spot and call it good. Ha!
Here are some tips on how to make your dessert table POP:
1. BACK DROP: It’s nice to have a solid backdrop behind your food. If you have a spot where you can push your table next to the wall, do it! Against a window is great too. Not only does it look more cohesive, it gives you more room for displaying banners, lights, garland etc. We used one my HUGE signs from my etsy shop to fill in a blank space…speaking of BLANK SPACE…I am OBSESSED with that new song from Taylor Swift. I can’t stop singing it. Anyways…

2. CREATE HEIGHT: You want to create a “triangle” effect when placing your food items, a focul point if you will. Placing the tallest item in the middle and then shorter items to the sides seems to look the best, in my opinion. Cake plates stack on top of each other or tiered platters work really well for this. As the triangle descend to the sides use items that have height to them to place your trays and platters on. On this table, we used a wood block to place the trifle on. For the red velvet roll, we just flipped a wooden box over and used the bottom of it to hold the cake. Easy, huh?
3. SYMMETRY: To complete the overall look, add some height just on the edges of the table. Cute topiaries are my favorite because they add that height you want PLUS they add that nice touch color to the table. See my friend, topiaries are a win, win!
4. ADD SOME FUN CONVERSATIONAL PIECES: You want to put your own stamp on the display. Just like any interior decorator would tell you to add “conversational pieces” to your coffee table, do the same on a dessert table. We added some glitter dipped feathers and pine cones, gold moose figurines, and a few pieces of chopped wood to add some fun character to the table.
I hope some of these tips come in handy the next few weeks as you are entertaining friends and family! Be sure to check back next week when I reveal the rest of the adorable details of this dessert table.
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