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Legally Blonde Backyard Movie Night

You guys…I’m really blessed to have such fun friends in my life. These girls are always up for going out on the town. A few months ago we found ourselves going out to dinner over and over again. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to eat out. It’s seriously my favorite thing to do. What’s better than having someone else make your food for you and clean it up while you chit chat with people you love? But my cute friend, Erin, came up with this super fun idea to change it up a little bit! We each have a turn to host a girls night.

Here’s how it works…each person chooses the month that they want to be in charge of. Then that person plans everything from the where we eat to what activity we do. So far this year we have gone bowling, had a favorite things party, and this next month I believe we are riding bikes to a fancy gelato shop. Ha, can you imagine the looks we are going to get seeing 15 moms riding their beach cruisers to the mall! Can’t wait.

My turn to host was in April and I decided to have a movie night in the backyard under the stars! It was so much fun! I had my friends guess what movie we would be watching on our private facebook page with these 3 clues: 1. chick flick 2. hilarious 3. came out 15 years ago….

Here’s one more hint:
Need another hint?

That’s right…LEGALLY BLONDE! One of my all time favorite movies! 
Who else loves this movie? A true classic.

I told everyone to bring their favorite treat and blankets. We had some delicious munchies: mini nothing bundt cakes, rice kripsie treats, good and plenty’s, licorice, the yummy list goes on and on! I had sodas, hot chocolate, and popcorn on hand too.

 My next turn is in JANUARY 2015 and I already know what we will be doing….ice skating down town!

I’l be doing recaps of the remainder girls nights for the rest of the year….if you don’t want to miss post you can subscribe to my email list right above and to the right  🙂


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