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LOVE Wood Sign + What I LOVE…

So my all time favorite holiday is Christmas and then Halloween and then VALENTINE’S DAY! Yep, I ‘m one of those people who love this mushy gushy lovey dovey day. I made this LOVE sign this week and as I was painting it I was thinking of all the things I really do love….

– the first hug in the morning from my babies
– dinner + movie with my man
– fountain diet coke with pebble ice
– Pandora Beyonce channel
– sweet pineapple
– polka dots
– black, white, and gold
– my sunroof open with the radio blaring
– grocery shopping at 6 am (yep!…aaaand I’m not a morning person 🙂
– park days with friends
– sweeping fall leaves
a fresh cut + color
– receiving letters in the mail
– stunning sunsets
– homemade guacamole with salty corn chips
– football season
– finding a STEAL at Last Chance (a Nordstrom clearance store)
viva glam lip gloss from MAC
– Sunday drives with the family
– Real Housewives…all of them
French Toast Friday or Taco Tuesday with my girlfriends
– love notes from my kids
– Valentine’s Day

What do you absolutely LOVE???

Head over to my ETSY shop to see all my other Valentine wood signs. Plus more coming to the shop this week!!


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