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No one is perfect…we ALL make mistakes!

No one is perfect...we all make mistakes.

A few years back I went to the zoo with a big group of girlfriends and our kids. There were about 30 of us in total exploring the zoo together. It was fun yet chaotic all at the same time. Moms were chatting and kids were running around. A normal typical outing, right? Well, my little guy was just as adventurous as he is now and wandered off by himself. It only took me a few minutes for me to realize he wasn’t by my side anymore. My heart jumped out of my chest as I was frantically calling out his name. He literally hadn’t been gone for more than 3 minutes when I found him INSIDE one of the exhibits! He had crawled under a little fence of the pasture where the animals were sitting and about 15 feet in front of him was a huge drop off. I completely FREAKED out, jumped over the fence, and grabbed him while smothering him with my tears and kisses. Tears because I couldn’t believe I had made a horrible MISTAKE of losing track of him for those few minutes and kisses for my UNBELIEVABLE GRATITUDE that nothing serious happened because it could have had a really bad ending. After that, the “child leash” stayed on him for months whenever we left the house.

I learned my lesson.
I learned the hard way that something serious could happen in a matter of seconds.
I have since learned that I make MISTAKES as a mom every.single.day. Like a lot 🙂

Every mother has a story (or in my case, STORIES) to share about their mistakes in motherhood. A sweet girl who lives right by me in Gilbert is going through a horrific trial right now as she is being faced with child endangerment charges for ACCIDENTALLY leaving her darling son in his car seat in a shopping cart. Every mother’s worst nightmare. She went into the grocery store to buy her nephew a candy bouquet for his 16th birthday. She quickly went into the store made the purchase and walked to her car. She put the bouquet in first, then buckled her 3 year old daughter and then quickly grabbed her 1 year old who was climbing out of the cart that had a broken strap and put him the car. She has a certain car routine. She normally puts her 1 year-old in the car last because he is always buckled in so automatically she thought everyone was in the car and drove off! I can totally relate to this way of thinking! I certainly have routines with my kids and if it gets messed up usually something is forgotten. Around 40 minutes later she realizes the baby isn’t with her and she rushed back to the store to get her baby. An off duty officer saw the baby shortly after she left so he was safe and unharmed. Thank goodness!!

Cherish, the mother, is not doing okay. Aside from the tremendous guilt she feels and presumably the constant thoughts of “what if’s” that could have happened, this loving mother of 4 is being ATTACKED and PORTRAYED in the media as being the worst mother in the world. It breaks my heart to read all the ignorant and rude comments being made about her. She was told that day that no charges would be filed but because of the social media out rage, they are now looking to charge her with a misdemeanor! WHAT?!?!

It’s so unbelievable and SAD that we live in such a place where we are so quick to judge. Where our compassion for others has gone out the window. After watching her RAW interview (if you haven’t seen it, watch it because it tells the whole story, not the jaded story on the news!) I have no doubt that she will beat herself up for this MISTAKE she made for the rest of her life.

I couldn’t agree more with a comment made from a lady on the facebook page mentioning what would have happened back in the “Little House on the Prairie” days?  The sweet, laid back, off duty “sheriff” would have found the baby and happily took care of it until the mom figured out what had happened and came back for him. I think there would have been tears of gratitude and hugs good bye and a million “thank you’s” and then it would have be over with. She would go home to her other children feeling bad about what happened but she could move on. She would probably make him a homemade apple pie and deliver it to him the next day to show her appreciation. There would be no social media backlash. No Facebook name shaming. No news media outlets spreading false stories. No CPS showing up at your house threatening to take her children away. Our society had gotten OUT OF CONTROL! Let’s focus on the murderers, sex offenders, drug addicts, etc. Not this loving mom who made a MISTAKE. I pray the charges will be dropped and that she can somehow put this nightmare behind her. My mother heart aches for what she must be feeling right now.

There is an amazing movement happening right now to try to get her charges dropped. So let’s all get involved! Let’s STAND WITH CHERISH!

Here are all the links and info:

Her unedited interview: http://www.wbtv.com/clip/11800530/raw-video-mom-who-forgot-her-baby-in-shopping-cart-tells-her-story

– Join the 17,000 and growing members I Stand With Cherish facebook page

I Stand With Cherish Walk tonight

– Voice your opinion and respectfully email the Gilbert Town Prosecutor- Ted Bullock: ted.bullock@gilbertaz.gov or call him at 480-635-7900.

– Send an email to Chief of Police Tim Dorn: Tim.Dorn@gilbertaz.gov and Gilbert Mayor John Lewis: John.Lewis@gilbertaz.gov.


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