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The Award for Best Decorating House

One of our family favorite traditions is giving an award to the best decorated house
Like many of you, one of our favorite things to do during the Christmas holiday is to drive around in our pajamas and look at all the amazing decorated houses! We fill our insulated mugs up with hot cocoa, turn up the Christmas music up and sing like it’s nobody’s business. This is a whole month long tradition.

Years ago we decided we would give an award to the house we liked the very best! What we do is when we see a house we REALLY like then it goes into our top 5 best house list. Then as the month goes on we decide a winner from our list. We knock on the door and surprise the owner’s with our award bundled with a Christmas treat. Seeing their expressions and responses is truly the best part. We have had one woman break down and cry she was so touched. And one year a husband and wife started razzing each other because the husband always gives her grief about putting up the lights. It was so funny.
2014 Winner
2013 Winner


2012 Winner


 2011 Winner


2010 Winner

So gather up the family and go pick out your favorite decorate house!!

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