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Princess Kate DIY Halloween Costume

Princess Kate DIY Halloween Costume – I mean COME ON…who doesn’t want to be Princess Kate Middleton?

princess-kate-halloween-costume-for-pinterestShe’s beautiful. She’s glamorous. She’s a total class act. And she’s a PRINCESS for crying out loud! All the more reasons why we should all want to be a Princess Kate Middleton once in our lifetime. My Avery has a slight obsession with the princess (as most of us do). So last year she really wanted to be PRINCESS KATE and you can’t be Princess Kate if you aren’t wearing a stylish English fascinator.  We were inspired by this cream floral fascinator she wore once at a public appearance. The clean, sculptural lines, with surprise flowers peeking out from under a slightly upturned brim was perfect for Avery to wear. Some of those fascinators can get a little crazy with their designs.kate-middleton-fascinator-halloweenI can see a resemblance 🙂 I can’t even tell you the confident attitude she sported around while in this costume. Usually she is quiet and reserved while not liking a lot of attention. But while wearing this costume she had a spring in her step and a smile so sweet. She even went into character by only talking in an English accent the entire Halloween day 🙂 It was so cute.



Besides making the cream lace fascinator, we had all the other pieces to make up this costume right in her closet. Below I listed the different items we used and affl links to find similar items in case you are missing a few. The one thing that I totally spaced and would absolutely include if I made this costume again is the GIGANTIC BLUE DIAMOND WEDDING RING! How did I forget the ring?

Princess Kate DIY Halloween Costume

How to create a Princess Kate DIY costume
Fascinator: DIY tutorial here

Pearl Necklace


Nylons: local grocery store

Black Shoes: HERE or HERE

Costume Blue SapphireWedding Ring


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