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Snicker Apple Dessert Recipe

Yummy snicker and apple salad
I’m sharing one of my family’s most favorite desserts with you today. It’s really easy and somewhat healthy! It has apples in it!! We have been eating this yummy dish for as long as I can remember. I went through a phase when I was younger where I didn’t like COOL WHIP? What? Who doesn’t like Cool Whip? Crazy, I know. So I would just eat a bowl of about 90% chopped up Snicker’s with about 10 % apple pieces. Ha, I was a teenager. But I’m telling you the combination of the tart Granny Smith apple, the sweetness of the caramel and chocolate, and the thin coating of cool whip makes this a refreshing summer dessert. However, I remember eating this plenty of times in the winter too 🙂
Yummy snicker and apple salad

There is not an exact recipe for this dish but I will tell you how I make it! You will need:

Granny Smith Apples: these apples work the best because of their tartness, otherwise the dish can be too sweet.
Snicker Candy Bars: my rule of thumb is 1 candy bar per 1 apple. You can always add more snicker pieces if you want! Clint always wants more in his his bowl.
Cool Whip: one small tub is usually sufficient for my family.

Yummy snicker and apple salad

 Chop the Snicker’s and the apple pieces to bite size pieces and gently fold in the cool whip! Enjoy! We just had this dessert on Sunday and I’m already wanting to make it again!

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