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The WET BRUSH is a miracle worker for detangling hair

Can you be completely jealous of your children? Well, I am!! All 3 of my kiddos are blessed with the most gorgeous, thick hair. But bless my baby girl’s SUPER sensitive head! Before we found our miracle products to detangle her hair, it was a nightmare to brush out! Her hair is long and thick and when she gets out of the shower or wakes up in the morning, her hair is a SNARL FEST! We would both cringe when it was time to brush out her hair. With every brush stroke came screams and tears from how painful it was for her. I felt so bad. Luckily, my cute sister in law recommended the WET BRUSH and it is a miracle worker for those nasty snarls. 
This is her hair straight out of the shower. Those snarls are pretty impressive, right?
Along with WET BRUSH, I also use the 
It’s a 10 Spray! I use it on my hair too and I love it! It makes your hair silky smooth.

And with a few brush strokes, her hair is smooth and straight but the best part, NO TEARS!!

Can you see the difference? AMAZING!!

I get asked all the time about how shiny and healthy my girls hair looks and I really think the Moroccan Oil gives them that beautiful shine. So when I remember I make sure to add a little oil to their hair. It can also be added to dry hair too.

I try not to mess up all the smooth strands so I gently massage the oil into her hair. And it smells SO good!!

So if you have a daughter or YOUR hair is hard to brush out, run to ULTA or buy it off Amazon and I promise you it will change your life!!

Check out those gorgeous locks! I would give anything for even half of her hair 🙂

She was LOVING this little photo shoot…can’t you tell?

Okay, who else is in the WET BRUSH club?
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