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Candy Filled Toilet Paper Roll Spiders

Happy Friday Everyone. Today is an exciting day for me because I will be on Arizona Midday today sharing my tutorial for the Thumbtack Pumpkin I posted last week. For my Arizona friends, be sure to tune in. Yay!
Here is a really fun and simple Halloween craft to do with the kiddos this year.
Here is what you will need:
Toilet paper rolls
Googly eyes
6 in pipe cleaner
black paint 
First, paint your rolls BLACK.

Create small holes with the sharp end of the scissors. Repeat this step on the other side!

I didn’t get a photo of gluing down the sides. All you do is fold down one side, add some glue, and then press the other side on top. You need to press it together for a few minutes for it to really stick together. 
Fill with candy as you string the pipe cleaners through the holes. When you get to the top then close the open end with as the previous step explains!

 Add your googly eyes or stickers, you have the creepiest candy-filled spiders around!
Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN  friends!

This post was originally posted on Create Craft Love.

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