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Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac

 This piece is super special to me because I finished this for one of my best friends. I get to see it often when I’m at her house and she decorates it darling for every holiday. I really wanted to do a 2 tone look with this hutch and I think the blue and white are a match made in heaven! 
To start off it didn’t look so pretty. (I never took a picture of the bottom piece but you get the idea!)

I noticed that after I did one coat of Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint these pesky little paint stains were bleeding through. UGH….that can be so frustrating! That’s one of the first signs when you should use Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac. It comes in a spray can or you can brush it on from a can.
I also noticed that the wood was so porous that it sucked up so much of my paint. That gets really annoying because then you are spending a ton of $$ in extra paint.
Can you see how “dry” the wood is? 
When I am doing a piece and it’s dry like that I slather my Shellac on even before painting it. That will save you TIME and MONEY.

Let it dry for an hour or so, sand with an ultra fine sand paper, and then apply another coat of paint! 
Problem solved!
Have you ever tried Shellac on any of your projects? What do you think about the product?

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5 Responses to Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac

  1. Great idea. I did a hutch like this, and I can only imagine a coke had been dropped and splattered all over it. I scrubbed off all the messes. After a coat, even though I scrubbed off the coke- it bled back through. I ended up repeating with 4 coats and every time- there it was. I had to wax and then paint again and then wax again. It was a nightmare for sure. Just shows you how bad that soda is for us!

  2. I bought a used hutch that I wanted to paint. I used the Zinnser primer (paint on type in a can) and it is AWESOME! I didn't have to sand or strip any of the old finish off which saved me a lot of time and money. Love this stuff! Thanks for sharing your pictures. It turned out awesome…and your friend is lucky that she has a great friend like you to do this for her! 🙂

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