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Using Old Books To Create a Beautiful Fall Mantel

I like to read books.

I like to decorate with books.
So true!
Especially old dusty books.

I wanted to share with you a simple way to add some FALL CHARM to your mantel or bookshelf by placing OLD BOOKS in the center for the focal point.

Old books just bring a cozy and inviting feeling to a room and I think that is what fall is all about. Being cozy. Add a mug of hot cider with a warm blanket. BOOM, it’s fall!

Head over to your local thrift store and scour the shelves for jewel toned books. I was lucky that I found all of these books in one place! SCORE! The books ranged anywhere from $.50 to $1.50 so this a very inexpensive home decor project to do.

Now to the fun part…color coordinating your books! I started with the orange colors then moved to the purples then to the browns and ended with the redish ones.

It’s a perfect way to dress up your mantel and bring more color to your room.

So go grab your cider and cozy up to the fireplace! Happy fall, everyone.


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