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Witch Mix: Halloween Party Food


Witch Mix – the perfect blend of candy corns, peanuts, and M & M’s every witch will love.

The other day on my Instagram account I asked my friends if they were fans of candy corn or not. Most commented saying that they either did not like them or if they did like them they could only have a few to eat because they are so sugary. I, on the other hand, LOVE candy corns and can eat them by the handfuls. My sweet tooth never let’s me down 🙂

Peanuts, candy corns, and M & M's for a yummy fall treat.

This combination of peanuts, candy corns, and M & M’s is quite possibly the most delicious combo ever. You have the sweetness and the salty, the peanut flavor, and the chocolate goodness all mix together in one handful. I make this irresistible snack mix every Fall for my family and friends.

Witch Mix Ingredients:

1 Can Honey Roasted Peanuts
1 Bag M & M’s
Mix together the honey roasted peanuts, candy corns, and m & m’s together in a big and you are all set!

Peanuts, candy corns, and M & M's for a yummy fall treat.

I found these cute little witch cauldrons on Amazon and had to buy them. I had no idea what I would be using them for but I knew I needed them 🙂 Do you ever do that? There are SO many cute things you could fill them with but I love the mix inside. To make the pot stirrer I cut a paper straw in half. These would be so cute for a Halloween class party (of course if peanuts are allowed 🙂 or if you are throwing a witch party to serve as a snack! Serve on a cute cake platter to make these the star on the dessert table!

Peanuts, candy corns, and M & M's for a yummy fall treat.



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