Definition About The Well Known EDM Music

Definition About The Well Known EDM Music

Definition About The Well Known EDM Music

Talking about music is known in terms of definition as a means of communication with others to express an idea, thought, or emotion. Music is also an intermediary for the songwriter to tell his experiences, and music can represent the individual character of the audience.

Definition About The Well Known EDM Music

Today, the genre of music is influenced by many countries. However, this does not prevent foreign music streams outside Indonesia from being able to enjoy today’s music. Wherever music comes from, globalization does not limit the enjoyment of music. EDM is born!

Get to Know More About EDM Music

The history of music that continues to grow to this day has conquered the global music market not only with analog music but also with music produced by electric and digital musical instruments. One of them is EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which is increasingly in demand by young people.

Get to know more about EDM. EDM itself means or represents electronic dance music or electronic dance music, which is being loved by young people today and is associated with a highly recognized culture. EDM music itself is often used to accompany nightclubs and music festivals.

Definition About The Well Known EDM Music

Generally, EDM music is created by DJs who use remixes and playback music to create new rhythms. EDM is the sound that makes people dance because the DJ plays a particular song at a specific time or moment. Along with the development of the era, the flow of EDM music began to spread its wings to various countries, including Indonesia.

At first, the instrument was used manually. Still, as technology developed, this tool was replaced by an agency that can be described as a machine-based or electronic device-based tool. Talking about EDM, it feels like something will be missing if we don’t know the origin of the music genre. The next discussion tries to explain the history of the development of the EDM music genre.

The Development of 1960s EDM music

This year was marked by the birth of electronic music. In the 1960s, used electronic musical instruments such as basses and some synthesizers. Then pop and rock music began to be added to the popular song instruments at that time. Like the legendary band The Beach Boys with their song, Good Vibrations (1966).

Definition About The Well Known EDM Music
  • EDM music development 2000

EDM began to develop in this era. Various genres of music emerged, such as dubstep, nu-disco, trap (electronic hip hop), and electro house. Artists who were popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the famous Nu-disco EDM genre at the time were the French duo Daft Punk. Other DJs who were Nu-disco and electro house or EDM artists at that time were: David Guetta, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, and Avicii.

  • EDM Music Development 2010

The year 2010 was marked by the increasing flow of EDM music. Like the sub-genre dubstep and electro-pop genre, which are increasingly recognized in this era. Many DJs in the 2000s were often seen collaborating with top singers. For example, David Guetta feat Usher with the song Without You and Calvin Harris, who is a duet with Rihanna in We Found Love.

From the development of electronic dance music that began to spread to the country of Indonesia, this genre of music began to influence the way in which Indonesian people enjoyed music, which initially only knew traditional music, to know electronic dance music or what is called EDM.

Likewise, what is happening today, such as the association of the capital at this time, emphasizes the prestige side and is considered to always follow the trends that are prevailing in society. These values ​​seem to have been instilled in every association in the capital to achieve specific goals.

This is also what makes today’s Indonesian youth increasingly work through remixed music and produce songs in the EDM genre. For example, we can see it mostly on social media platforms such as Tiktok, Youtube, and even Instagram.

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