What is Mixtape? Things You Should Know! : santadashrun

What is Mixtape? Things You Should Know! : santadashrun

What is Mixtape? Things You Should Know! : santadashrun

As is well known, nowadays many musicians choose to release mixtapes to greet fans. Mixtape is a compilation of songs that are often recommended on an online music listening application. But do you know what a mixtape is? So that you don’t misunderstand, it’s a good idea to find out the true meaning of mixtape. Here we will discuss what a mixtape is and how it differs from playlists and albums.

What is Mixtape? Things You Should Know!

According to Wikipedia, a mixtape is a compilation of music from various sources recorded into one medium such as cassettes, CDs, or digital playlists. Generally, these song compilations are arranged sequentially according to the beat of each song. The first song with the next song is deliberately arranged close together by means of beatmatching. This creates a smooth transition from start to finish. But this is not a strict rule, regardless of the genre of the song, you can compile the compilation into a mixtape.

Talking about beatmatching, this technique is a basic technique which is the process of equating the beats or beats between two song files which will later be mixed into one. By mastering beatmatching, you will know how to do the trick so that two songs can be played simultaneously. So that it is still pleasant to hear, aka not stuck in the ears because of a messy beat.

Mixtape Past vs Now

The definition of mixtape has changed over time. In the past, a mixtape was a collection of songs from radio broadcasts that were intentionally recorded onto tape. So, like it or not, you have to be patient waiting for the song you like to play on the radio to finally be immortalized on tape.

What is Mixtape? Things You Should Know!

Currently, a mixtape is one of the media containing a compilation of songs or remixes given by artists or musicians to their fans. These songs are uploaded via the SoundCloud or YouTube platforms. Usually an artist or musician who has been on hiatus for a long time releases a mixtape for promotion, showing the results of creativity in music, or just greeting fans.

There Are Kinds of Mixtape That You Should Know

Even more interesting, the mixtape is released to the public for free. So that anyone can enjoy the song. The reason why mixtapes can be free is that in the world of hip hop and R&B, mixtapes are described as self-produced or independently released songs. This causes artists or musicians to not need to be bound by label licensing which has many applicable provisions. That way, artists and musicians can be more free to express and pour their ideals into the songs they produce.

  • Difference between Mixtape and Playlist

A mixtape is an album produced by an artist or musician and can also be interpreted as a compilation of songs that can be enjoyed by anyone for free or not commercialized. You need to know, mixtape and playlist are different. If interpreted, a playlist is a list of songs that are intentionally merged into one folder. This song is usually in the form of your favorite song or music which is grouped according to the mood of the tone. However, you can also create random playlists without paying attention to the similarity of the mood of each song.

What is Mixtape? Things You Should Know!
  • Difference between Mixtape and Album

If you previously discussed the difference between a mixtape and a playlist, now we will discuss what is the difference between a mixtape and an album. Because there are still many people who don’t know the difference. An album is a collection of audio or music recordings made for public distribution. Initially, albums appeared on vinyl or gramophone. But now you can enjoy albums from musicians around the world in digital format.

The songs included in the album are the choice of producers, music agencies that oversee musicians, or collaborate with other companies. The song selection is also not arbitrary, because it must be in accordance with the theme and genre of the album’s main concept.

The difference with the mixtape is that the song works are more for fun or greeting fans when on hiatus, while the album is deliberately made and released seriously. If the mixtape is made by the artist himself, it is different with the album that is made as perfect as possible by the producer or music agency. In addition, in terms of the list of songs in it is also different. The playlists on the mixtape are created based on the personal taste of the artist or musician. So that it is not commercial because the original goal was not to make money and profit for the company.

In essence, mixtape is an informal form when working in the world of music. Even so, mixtapes should not be underestimated and his work is always eagerly awaited by fans out there. Besides mixtape, there is also a podcast. For those of you who don’t know the difference between podcasts and radio, you can directly check our previous article.

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