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Birthday Traditions

(Avery made him this darling bow tie made out of a napkin for Clint to wear to church today!)
How was your Thanksgiving, everyone? Mine? Well, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I’m am SUPER sick. I swear, it should be against the law for mom’s to get sick…especially on Thanksgiving weekend. And Black Friday. And boutique season. Ugh!! I’ve been poppin’ Sudafed and Nyquil like no one’s business around here! Unfortunately, everything from laundry to cooking have been neglected including my hubs birthday weekend. I had fun plans but they were cancelled so I could sleep in my bed. I didn’t go all out for his birthday like I normally do but I had a proud mom moment when I woke up this morning. My girls took over the birthday responsibilities and nailed it! They did everything that I usually do for birthdays and it just made me so happy that they love our traditions just as much as I do.  

They made him breakfast in bed on our family’s “special” birthday plate. Waffles with ice cream on top! What? I think we’ve been going to the waffle trucks too much, haha 🙂 They also put up blue and yellow streamers in the living room. It took them forrrrrever to do. They are so cute.
Whenever we have a visitor or it’s someone’s birthday, I will always write a little greeting for them on my huge chalkboard at the top of my stairs. I love that they busted out my chalkboard pens and wrote Clint his birthday message!
At our house on your birthday you get to choose any meal you want. Clint had picked french dip sandwiches and chocolate cake. I had every intentions of cooking him dinner but when you are sick, standing in the kitchen for hours in unbearable so we went to Portillo’s and had the yummiest french dip and chocolate cake dinner! 

As a mom, you wonder if what you are doing is being noticed? Or making an impact? Today those questions were answered a huge inevitable YES! Yes, they care. Yes, they notice. Yes, it makes them feel special. Traditions are what binds families together and I’m so pleased my girls are catching onto that concept.

Off to take a NyQuil and hopefully be able to sleep some of this sickness off tonight.

You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s post..it’s a virtual cookie exchange party!!


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