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Cream Cheese Potato Chip Dip

 The EASIEST cream cheese chip dip recipe you will ever make!

Cream Cheese Chip Dip Pinterest

If you are ever present at one of my extended family functions, this chip dip is ALWAYS on the buffet table. So basically I have been devouring this chip dip for 35 years!! Ha…I’m giving you a reference to my age, oops! I’m talking every Christmas day. Every BBQ. Every baby blessing. Every tailgate party. Almost every Sunday dinner. I’m telling you it’s the most prepared recipe my family makes by a land slide.  Here’s what the crazy thing is…the ingredients are so simple yet seem so strange mixed together. It’s heavy whipping cream, soft cream cheese, and the secret weapon is LAWRY’S seasoning salt! That’s it! I’ll be honest, the “look” isn’t the most appealing. It’s not bright or colorful or have a fun texture but the TASTE is so addicting. You won’t be able to eat just one potato chip with this chip dip 🙂

Potato Chip Dip

Though the ingredients are simple, the execution requires a little bit of attention and taste testing.  You’ll whip the soft cream cheese and heavy whipping cream to a firm peak texture and the salt is a total preference. I start out with a tiny bit and taste, if I need to add more than I do. That was always my job growing up was to taste it at the end with a chip to see if it needed more Lawry’s salt or not. It’s so cute now to have my kids be my little taste testers.

Cream Cheese Potato Chip Dip

1 cream cheese cube; room temperature

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 1/2 tsp Lawry’s seasoning salt

Bag of potato chips

Use a Kitchen Aid or electric mixer on the highest speed to whip the cream cheese and whipping cream together til it forms a firm peak. Stir in the seasoning salt. Make the dip right before serving. Serve with potato chips.

Cream Cheese Potato Chip Dip

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