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Decorative Rustic Fall Crate

Once Labor Day is over FALL is in full force around in my house! Never mind the fact that the high today is 104 here in sunny Arizona! What? Ha! I totally don’t care. When I lived in Utah (and Ohio) fall was my happy place. Nothing beats seeing the leaves change right before your eyes. Since living in AZ I have had to “create” my favorite season in my home because there are no signs of changing leaves until January! I made this rustic crate for my tablecape and I love it so much!

Grab a crate from your local craft store. I purchased one of the smaller crates for the look that I was going for. I used my 50% coupon and the crate was $5 bucks! I stained the crate using Minwax Jacobean Stain.

The Jacobean stain is very very DARK but I really like this color.

While the stain dries, you can go ahead and make the chalkboard sign. I found this little chalkboard already made at Hobby Lobby but you could paint any hanging flat surface with chalkboard paint and have a cute sign.

You can use any chain you want but I picked gold because a) I’m obsessed with gold and b) I’m obsessed with gold 🙂

Place 2 nails on the outside corners of the box to hang your chain from.

You can use this crate to decorate your porch or your dining room table! I used it in my hutch and it fits there perfectly. Fill in with some pretty fruit and bales of hay and you are set!

What is your favorite thing about FALL?

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