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Halloween Front Porch

B-O-O!! Now that my house is decorated (more on that this week!) and my front porch is finally done, I am now 100% in the Halloween spirit. I just wanted to share a few ideas on how you can spruce up your front porch without spending a fortune! All the items that I used were already in my house! Score!

This chalkboard sign usually hangs up at the top of our stairs. I usually have it decorated for whatever holiday we are in. I took it down and put it on the front porch and it looks great! If you have a chalkboard laying around or hung up in your house, grab and decorate it outside.

There are so many darling door wreath’s for Halloween but I love this one because my mom gave it to me! Thanks mom!! I love this picture because you can see my lovely photo assistant in the shadow 🙂
PS..let’s talk about my purple door for a minute! Isn’t it the best color for Halloween? Sadly, once Halloween is over, my door is getting a little makeover. During the season, I just love the color.

Bring in color by adding some beautiful mums and pumpkins.

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