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Sparkly Apple Cupcakes

With school back in session I wanted to make the kids a little school inspired after school treat! We have this tradition that every day for the first week of school I make a SPECIAL treat and the girls and I sit around the table and talk about their day! We try to do this (without a treat….usually popcorn or carrots) everyday after school but I seem to get more info out of them the first week. They are SO excited to tell me about their new teacher and new friends. It’s a tradition I look forward to every year.

So when I think of BACK TO SCHOOL I think of teachers, and when I think of teachers I immediately think of apples! So cupcake apples are what I’m making for them.

I made red cupcakes according to the directions and poured the batter into shiny green foil liners. Once the cupcakes cooled I frosted them with red frosting and sprinkles.

Then add the pretzel stick down the center of the cupcakes.

To make the leaves I took some GREEN Laffy Taffy’s and flattened them with my roller pin. It really helps the process if you leave them in your hot car for an hour! wink. wink.
Once they are flat, use scissors to cut the shape of the leaf.
You want to stick the leaf next to the stem and your done!

Do you have a back to school tradition that you look forward to every year?
Here are some of my other favorite treat recipes:
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