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Under the Sea Party Ideas

Under the Sea Party – create a mermaid inspired tablescape that even Ariel would love.

Under the Sea Party Ideas
I know it’s September and summer is behind us but this was a party I did for my daughter LAST YEAR!  And I am just now posting it on the blog. Geez. I told myself that before I posted any pictures of pumpkins or fall treats, this summer post had to go up! I had SO much fun creating this Under the Sea birthday party for Izy. Her birthday is in May and it’s already swimming weather in AZ so it seemed like the perfect birthday themed party. To give it that “under the sea” feel, I attached 50 teal balloons upside down to make it look like BUBBLES! The girls LOVED it as they walked in. It was definitely the focal point of the tablescape!
ocean water mermaid drink

Under the Sea Party Food

Have you tried Sonic’s Ocean Water drink before? You can find my recipe here. To go along with the Under the Sea theme we served Ocean Water with a few SWEDISH FISH floating on top. If you could have heard the giggles when they started to drink and saw some red fish hanging out in their cup, it was hilarious!
 oreo clams and ocean water drinks
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I also made Oreo clams. Super easy. Take the top cookie off the Oreo and place 3 white sixlet candies inside then lay the top cookie back down. If you don’t want to visit 3 candy stores like I did, you can find them here.
mermaid tail cupcakes using airheads
The cupcakes were a 50% success and a 50% FAIL.
They were a success because they were so darn cute. For the first 10 seconds. I used Airhead strips to cut out a mermaid tail and they looked SO CUTE. But when I put them on the cupcake they fell because airheads don’t hold their shape. I even tried to freeze them but to no avail. Whatever, you win some and then you lose some, right 🙂 I improvised in a pinch and attached a tooth pick behind them the help them stand up. They were pretty cute! To make the “sand” I used crushed up graham crackers.
Mermaid tail cupcakes using air heads



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